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DeltaWare Software Update: 6.2

Delta Strike Development and Support teams are happy to announce the Version 6.2 of the Deltaware System. We have successfully completed numerous internal and site tests and began rolling it out to customers.

What Does This Update Include?

This includes new firmware UAC firmware and VBS minicomputer software. This release is a combination containing:

  1. Numerous bug fixes.
  2. The addition of pre-game events.
  3. The basics of the new auto-update system for remotely updating customer sites.

“The 6.2 release contains numerous bug fixes and under the hood improvements for better performance. We release updates regularly, and we’re always looking for ways to make things better. If you have feedback please contact us through Zendesk.”

Brett CarpenterDelta Strike Product Engineering Manager

The new feature “Pre-game Events” gives customers the ability to schedule actions to occur before a game start, this could, for example, play a soundtrack, trigger DMX lighting, or schedule a pre-determined delay to the start of the game.


Updating Your System

To request an update to your system, send an email to or submit a ticket through the Zendesk portal.

Auto-update is a step towards automating our roll-out of software updates. This will make the process more automated in the future, so we can roll out more updates, more efficiently.

Special thanks to the Development team and Support team for working so hard to get this release fully tested and ready for release.

Thank you for your business and support.