Laser Tag Remote Control

This state-of-the-art Remote Control ensures incredibly fast game turnaround times and intuitive functionality

Remote Control

Laser Tag Remote Control

  1. Infrared Pack Control
    Sweep across players to change team colors and reset packs.
  2. Full Graphic Display
    Displays live game information as well as multilevel menus.
  3. Quick Color Change
    Change to red, blue, or green direct from the Keypad.
  4. Marshall Button
    Marshall Mode is used in the arena to pause, start and stop players, etc.
  5. Stop All Buttons
    Required for emergencies. (2 Step Process Required)
  6. Glow-in-the-Dark Keypad
    Essential when operating in a darkened vesting room.
  7. Wireless Game Control
    You can control the game and the players from anywhere in your center.

Start a game in 3 simple steps

step 1

Step 1: Press the “Sleep All” button – This ensures only players wearing a vest will be included in the upcoming game.

step 2

Step 2: Press the “Game” button – This selects what game is played as well as automatically assigning team colors.

step 3

Step 3: Press the “Start Game” button – This starts the game and automatically activates the equipment, special lighting, music, haze machines etc.

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Imagine 30 players all eager and excited about their upcoming game. The noise and energy in the vesting room can be overwhelming even for most experienced laser tag operators. Unfortunately, many centers rely on a computer in the vesting room to process games – not a good idea!

This immediately separates your players from your game instructor. It also increases delays and inefficiencies. Enter the Delta Strike’s custom-designed remote… fast, dedicated to the purpose, and intuitive to operate. Staff is now free to interact with customers instead of a computer. With less than two minutes of training, your operators can start and stop games!


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